Marley Spoon Promo Codes- Everything you need for your dinner

Hello, my name is Amanda and I am a mom of two. Cooking food has always been a headache for me due to the diversified taste of both my children. One like to eat spicy dishes and the other one likes sweets.

I was searching for a easy and quick solution for a long time which could help me to fulfill their demands of both my children and the husband. Fortunately, few weeks ago my friend Kate shared her secret to deal with such a situation, and that is Marley Spoon. Although the prices looked higher to me initially but thankfully she shared a special $50 off Marley Spoon Voucher Code with me.

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And that was the point when I thought to go with this brand. However, I was still very skeptical about the service since it was my first try. So I made the order on their site and submitted my shipping details.

After a couple of hours I got a confirmation phone call from their representative who told me about the meal plan I had chosen and the number of things which I could change including some ingredients etc.

So I made the final adjustments, provided my shipping details, selected my desired recipes and I was off to a good start.

I was waiting eagerly for them so the Marley Spoon meal box to arrive at our home and after a couple of weeks it came since I had chosen the delivery date of 26th January. I passed my time by reading some reviews of the service on different sites including this site where I found the best one.

The box looked very eye catchy; things were in place very nicely. I also found a ice cube plate which was there to preserve the meat balls.

I was very surprised by the recipes and the quality of ingredients they have provided. Although, it looked very well but it missed some ingredients which I had in my kitchen already so no worries here.

Following the recipe card was easy, thanks to their in-depth and quality details with precise guidelines. Everything was described very nicely.

However, there were some parts which we a little more complicated to follow than other ones but overall it was easy.

We cooked the food; I was also accompanied by my friend Kate who really did a great job for me to learn the recipe they had given us.

Finally, when the dish was cooked we tried it and on my astonishment it was very delicious. I never knew I was such a great cook.

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So I would give 4.5 of 5 stars to Marley Spoon due to their great recipes and easy recipe card. However, we had some issues with the shipping but it was resolved very easily after a phone call to them.

Overall, it was an extremely good experience.